I have never had such an intense and visual experience.

I will start this story off with a little bit about me and then a short description of the product to give you a sense of the actual intensity of this trip. I'll start off by saying that I am no amateur when it comes to psyco active drugs and have tried a lot of different types, acid and mushrooms being among my favorites along with the ever so popular marijuana plant. I have tried a lot of different mushrooms over the years and always had a great time but in all of my years of taking them I have never had such an intense and visual experience as I did with the Treasure Coast Mushrooms I ate that day.
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I had recently ordered a few spore syringes from Avalon Magic Plants and had great success with colonizing jars of grain and BRF "brown rice flower" cakes with the Treasure Coast and Colombian spores, the others were not so great due to my own inexperience with mycology I had a lot of contamination in my jars of substrate for my Ecuador and Atlantis sclerotia spores although I was able to salvage about 30 grams of truffles a lot of my substrate bins and bags were thrown out. After my final flush was complete I had a lot of mushrooms and was very pleased with my first time results having filled bins with picture perfect mushrooms and no complications with my jars and bins that were successful. Having this selection of mushrooms around was good and at first I stuck to eating the Colombians on weekends because they were pretty potent and left you with very little hangover effect and these were a very manageable mushroom to do activities on due to the lack of visual effects. I was running out of my Colombians fast and a friend of mine who I work with asked me to bring him some to try so I after letting him know I hadn't tried them yet I agreed to bring him some Treasure coast to work and he could take them home to try with his wife. My friend however did not make it into work the next day and so I decided what the hey lets try these at work and I ate approximately 3 dried grams and headed off to start the day . I am a construction worker and carpenter by trade but at the time was installing a solar field, but needless to say it was a bad idea.

When the trip set in a very warm encouraging feeling swelled through my body giving me this intense feeling of joy then my surroundings became very vibrant and spacious and I seemed to lose all aspect of the goings on of the people around me and very focused on my task on hand(mainly drilling steel). All of a sudden my surroundings became very cartoon like and I could swear I was in a video game, kind of like the sand dessert world in Mario for anyone who knows what I'm talking about. Anyways a couple hours later at break I went to my car to get a drink and something to eat hoping the intensity of this trip would die down a little bit, this did not work at all by lunch I seemed to be higher than ever and started to get scared for not just being in a very dangerous work environment but also that if this didn't wear off I wasn't going to be able to make the 3 hour drive home and I started having a bit of a panic attack about the scenario. My boss now noticing that something is severely wrong with me approaches me and asks if I'm ok and I tell him I'm having some kind of panic attack so he seats me in the work trailer and I swore the walls started breathing along with the floor and my hearing became so sharp I could hear electricity in the air so with little more I could do I put my head down and just listened to my environment for an hour or so.Buy duo pack mushrooms The chance to relax really calmed me down and by the third brake I was back to work. By the end of the day I was sobering up enough that I could drive again but I was so mentally and physically spent from the 10 hour day of me hallucinating I decided to ask another friend to drive me home and gave him my keys to drive me home.

After all was said and done I don't know whether to mark this one in the books as a good or a negative experience. It was kind of scary at some points and for about a week I thought I would maybe loose my job, but it was also very fun and enjoyable for a lot of the experience. I will say this though, I will never be as irresponsible and foolish as I was that day and from now on I save my adventures for the weekend and downtime. Also for anyone who is looking for a very potent and visual strain of mushroom that is sure to please even the most experienced user, I would suggest they try the Treasure Coast mushrooms for themselves.

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